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Frequently Asked Questions

What are our spring service rates?
For residential customers, we charge $90.00/hour (plus parts) for spring service.
What are our fall service rates?
For residential customers with less than 15 zones, we charge $90.00. If you have 15 or more zones, call for pricing.
How much does an irrigation system cost?
The only way to accurately price an irrigation system is to test the water pressure and measure the property. These are the factors that determine how much time and materials are needed.
How long does it take to install an irrigation system?
It generally takes 1 day to install a system, depending on the size and ground conditions.
How much damage will there be to my lawn after installation?
With decent ground conditions, there will be little to no disturbance to your existing turf. In most cases, any damage will be healed and no longer visible in 1 or 2 weeks.
How often should I water my lawn?
Season, climate, and your ground conditions determine your water output. Check out Scotts website for helpful watering tips.
How do I adjust my sprinklers?
Click here for instructions on how to adjust your rotors. If you need an adjusting tool, send a request, email or call the office.

First look at the designation on top of the nozzle. Many of the nozzles have certain patterns and arcs that are non-adjustable. For example a 12Q nozzle will throw a twelve- foot long quarter of a circle (90 degree) arc spray. The only thing that can be adjusted on these fixed arc nozzles is the distance. To do this, simply turn the silver screw on the top of the nozzle to the left to increase the water flow through the nozzle. Turn it to the right (tighten the screw) to reduce the throw. The recommended minimum throw distance on the 15-foot nozzle is 10 feet. If you need to reduce the radius to less than 10 feet, or have any other questions concerning adjusting or concerning the 1800 series, contact the Technical Center at 1-800-724-6247 for assistance. You can also aim the nozzle by firmly grasping and turning the pop-up stem. The stem incorporates a ratchet that will hold the spray nozzle in its new orientation.

Our sprinkler systems keep your lawn green from spring to fall.